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Week 1 of Term 1

Written By Mummy N on 8 January 2016 | 6:51:00 am

Although only a mere 5 days, this was probably one of the longest week for me. It was getting the engine started again after the break from work. It was returning to waking at 4-ish in the mornings and rushing around in the evenings. Nah, I am not complaining; I know the dust and anxiety will slowly but surely settle.

Now that C is older and more independent, we have made some (drastic) changes to her daily routine. She no longer travels on the school bus. We started training her towards the end of the last school term and after several times of getting back on her own, she became more confident. C has to stay behind in school for lessons too so her being able to travel independently helps. When she is home, she gets her lunch ready. I would prepare it the night before and all she has to do is heat it up or she has the option of getting lunch from the coffee shops near home.

A typical breakfast:

When it's lunch at home.

C has been good with time management. She finishes her homework before dinner and manages to squeeze in some time to chat with her Dad before bed time. :) Waking up in the mornings is also not a problem for her. She doesn't give us the "5-more-minutes" speech.

It has only been week 1 and it looks good. I know we will do fine. :)