a nasty fall!

After lunch, we were heading back to the car park. C was ahead of us and she was climbing some steps. She missed one and fell hard on the concrete floor and suffered a nasty cut on her chin.

I thought the inside of her mouth got it but when I saw blood on her chin, I froze. Uncle Wen Chong immediately got C some ice to place on her wounds and Daddy and I hurriedly drove to KKH.

The wait at the hospital would be as long as 4 hours and we thought it was maddness. Thankfully, Aunt Di helped us call our family doctor and he said we could take C to him.

C's wound was still very raw and bleeding when Doc Goh saw her. Thankfully C did not require stitches. Doc Goh used glue and he was done in 10 minutes.

Our Precious, after Doc Goh fixed her. She was very good and I must say, has a high treshold for pain. She cried of course but for most of the time, she was able to bear with the pain while Doc Goh did his work. He said he will see her again on Tuesday and meanwhile, we just have to keep her wound dry.

C was back to her bubbly self after that. I pray that her wound will heal nicely and please let there be no scars... .


Diana G.B. said...

Thank God she is fine now. The steri-strip help for the union,if it drops off (touch water/sweat), just get a new one (from pharmacy).

mother hen said...

tat's a nasty cut. Cheryl is very brave! If it was Kara, she'll definitely bawl and scream till kingdom come.

tigger said...

Hope Cheryl is feeling better now and hope the cut will leave no scar.

The waiting time at KKH can be ridiculous at times.

Mummy said...

ok. to get the entire roll will be kind of wasteful. do you have some to spare?

mother hen:
yah, it was. initially i thought she cut the inside of her mouth, that would be worse? i don't know. so scary to see the blood. doc said boney areas like chin and forehead are prone to splitting on impact with hard surfaces so have to be careful.

:) thank you. yes she is alright now. our family doc did a great job in fixing her.

as for the wait... yeah, it was ridiculous. and some people there had been waiting since 1 pm and when we left at 4pm, they still haven't seen the doctor yet. crazy.

thankfully, our family doc specialises in cosmetic surgery so he was very gentle. we told c that we were going off to see our family doc and she asked, "the handsome doctor?" hehe.

byihui said...

hi natalie, sorry to hear abt the fall. jodie had a similar cut on the chin in dec in school. but we had to go thru anaesthetic to knock her out in order for the doctor to stitch up for her.

it was a nerve-wrecking experience cos the young doctor seem so blur. luckily there were very experienced nurses around.

Mummy said...

hey byihui
:( That was exactly what the nurse at KKH told us they would do with C. I was terrified when I heard that!

How has Jodie's wound healed? How can it be settling especially when the doctor seemed inexperienced? we depend on them!

byihui said...

the long story started with the young lady doctor telling us that the wound can be patched up. then the nurse examined n said cannot, its too deep. so nurse override doctor???

then doc came n looked again n said ok lor, stitch lor.. then explained we got 2 choices, knock her out with anaesthetic or strap her on bed like mad woman n stitch. 1st option of course has its risks but safe for most kids. after 2 to 5 min, my hubby, being the more practical n cool-headed, opted for the 1st as we worry that jo wil be traumatised by the 2nd.

so doc said prepare for the surgery, then another nurse, a male one was stunned, came n questioned her, did u explain to them the risks involved? the doc said, ya, explain already. we were like ????

fortunately the wound is healing nicely, not sure if wil disappear completely but since on chin, not really visible.

Mummy said...

i see.
i guess its not just traumatic for the kids, it's just as bad for us, parents.

just pray that they will be more careful in the future and not have such bad and serious falls.

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