sweet, sweet nectar!

This is truly a life-saver!

C and I take this every night before we retire and we love it. This fellow saved my throat on numerous occasions and prevented a full-blown sore throat; yeah, those kind that will cost you to lose your voice for several days, accompanied by a ferocious fever and aching back and bones.

I didn't use to take honey but decided that this is definitely a better deal than medicines. Now both C and I are hooked on it. I also realise that the frequency of C getting coughs has decreased tremendously. I was doing some research over the Internet and found other great health benefits of taking this honey regularly.

Will be stocking up soon! :)


Fatboy Joe said...

I've read about the benefits some time back too. Now I'm gonna try it too!

Mummy said...

hey bro in law. :)

yeah.. i think i want to try to use it as a conditioner, and facial too. but thought it would be a waste (can eat mah)! hahahaha

but the taste is really good compared to the honey i have tried and now, i don't even like the manuka honey i have. hee.

Ashley said...

woo sound great! can tell me how much if u get it locally??
can help me order 1?? pm me if u dun want to expose price here.. hehe..

Mummy said...

sure. can always help you get. how to pass to you?

Vera said...

Nat, I can get it at SGD34/tub. Let me know if you and your friends want it. :)

Vera said...

My email is letshoponline@gmail.com

Mummy said...

wow! that's even better than the price i can get!

i have already gotten 1 bottle but i tell you what, can you supply me on a regular basis? :)

Vera said...

Emailed you.

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