writing, writing

I still say, C's handwriting leaves much to be desired.
On the one hand, I feel I should be doing more writing exercises with her, yet on the other, I don't want to scare her off and make her fearful of writing.

Dilemma, dilemma!


Lionel n Rachel said...

hey, c's handwriting is neat & nice. compare to lionel's, its a huge diff.

Mummy said...

hey girl

really? i have seen cheryl's classmates' work... and i was shocked.

really dont know if it was because i got her writing at an earlier age? if so, then it was me who caused her this problem. :(

poohy said...

I think C's handwriting is already very nice.

Eileen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eileen said...

hi, i thought i'll leave a short note to thank you for sharing ur lovely C's learning time in Josiah. After reading that few posts, Josiah is now upgraded to my "watch out" list. Thanks!

Mummy said...

That is so sweet of you. :) thank you.

Hello Eileen"
Thank you for your kind words. honestly there are times where i do josiah a dis-service because they are a montessori sch but i feature here on my girl's blog, the activities and homework that she does aren't exactly montessori-style. but the true montessori stuff my girl does, .. the "shelf work" and learning corners (they call it) i dont have pictures because parents are not allowed in the classrooms at all times. and i know my girl enjoys these "shelf work" times.

Eileen said...

wow, did you say parents are not allowed to "check ou" the classroom at all? gosh.... i hope its the real stuff there. well, i guess "whatever" they have in there, so long ur child is learning and having fun then i guess it should be good enough!!

hey, time to check out the primary school for C already i guess!!!

Mummy said...

hello eileen

you can call the school and make appt to check out the classroom and environment of course. and during the first day, if i am not wrong, they allow parents in only for a short while.. (http://preciouscheryl.blogspot.com/2008/01/first-day-of-school.html)

subsequently, no parents are allowed in the school anymore unless its for like meet the parents or some sch related events.

some of the shelf work includes working with chopsticks or the wooden blocks for comparisons. you can actually look through my girl's "report cards" to see some of the activities they do. they also learn life skills like how to button their clothes and so on.

how old is your child?

Eileen said...

:> he's only 15months old

KS huh? I called them up recently and was told they only accept the kis when he is at least 2y5m old when the term starts. meaning to say, my kid will not get to start the term with everyone else, but to wait till mid-year when he will be 2y5m as he is a year end baby. oh, and not forgetting that also means he will only get a place WHEN someone withdraws from the class. If it doesnt happen then he wont get a place untill the next new year in 2012 which means he will be 3yo when he starts school.

Gosh. What a headache. I don't encounter such issues with other schools. They take in base on the year they are turning 3, regardless of month.

how old was your little princess started at Josiah?

Yes, when I have the time I will peek thru C's report book I'm sure they must be pretty and fun.

May I also ask how many hours does she spend at Josiah daily and how much is the fees? Yup I know I should be asking the school not you but i just couldnt wait cos everytime i planned to call at my desk i am sure to be stuck somewhere :S

in case i'm caught up with the festive, hereby wishing you and your little cuttie family a happy healthy and fun new year!!

Mummy said...

hello eileen
nope. not ks. haha. i know how you feel. i for one, am not fond of having my kid sit at home if she be in school and
learn with her peers.

actually i requested for a place in josiah half a year before she started school officially. that was because the sch
had no vacancy then but i was relentless and was willing to pay first to secure a placing for the following year. so c
started only when she was about to turn 3... about 2 yrs and 9 months. because josiah does not have other branches
other than their child care centre at suntec, simei is the only alternative and it is not a child care.

when c started, it was a 3 hr daily thing but the school increased their timing and now she is like spending 3.5 hrs
in school daily.

no worries about asking me for their fees. :) its like $1.7 per term of 11 weeks and all materials are included. materials
would include things like exercise books which they will use for writing, etc, there are also chinese reading books, and printed
materials for english and math. when c started, she was also taught phonics thru zoophonics (at not extra cost) and of course the
materials for craft which she would bring back once they were completed.

i guess, the extra things you need to pay for would be like uniforms, and the school sweater. and when the kids go out for excursions.
other than that, food has to be packed and brought to class for their snacks.

hee.. i think this is too much information already.

well... happy new year too! :)

Eileen said...

hello mummy N

happy new year to you and your lovely family!

thanks for loading me with that useful lot of information, its really kind of you. ur' like the little fairy sent to bring a stone off my shoulder :> p/s: i hope it sounds right

ok back to josiah again. wow, $1.7k for 1 term is surprising. considering it's not even a "most sought after school". Or it is? I short listed josiah mainly bcos of its location. the one that i am really keen in is St james church kindergarten. The facility is amazing. But the location is just tedious. No school operator from here either. And its only $1020/term[10 weeks] exluding all materials of course.

i'm sure u'd heard that montessori kids will find it diffcult coping in primary education. are you concern? i certainly am.

Eileen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mummy said...

I am glad I can be of service in some ways. Hee. I knew from the start that I wanted my girl to go through the Montessori education hence my choices were “limited” as I was also concerned with distance and traveling.

I went to look at MMI at Tampines Mart and another one somewhere at Tampines as well. Can’t remember the name but it was at some HDB and they operate out of a “flat” which was converted to classroom settings.

St James.. is that the one at Demsey Road? Yeah, the environment is beautiful but getting there will be a problem if there aren’t any school buses to take the children. When I found out abt the fees at Josiah, I was also kind of taken aback but I broke it down to months and then reasoned that if I had to put her in a Montessori further than Simei and factor in transportation, it would still work out to be roughly the same. So, I thought why not channel the funds into the fees and put her in Josiah.

As for them coping (or not coping) in primary school, I did bring this up and was assured by the school that when the children go to K2, the setting is changed. If you had gone to the school, you would have noticed that the children in K2, sit in a “proper” classroom setting. The desks and chairs are arranged in rolls and columns as you would expect in the primary school so the children are exposed and will not get a rude shock. As I do not get to see how the teachers perform in class, I guess I won’t miss the mark if I say, they will have expectations like a primary school teacher would. Some of the work like writing of the K2s are up on the wall too and I was very taken aback when I saw like compositions of considerable length. I do not know how the children were able to write them. IE: how much scaffolding was provided? For them to come up with the writing. But the Principal, Ms Jocelyn assured me that the K2s have no problem adjusting to the primary school. I also know that the school arranges for an “outing” or excursion to a real primary school for the K2s.

I hope I have addressed some of your concerns.  But do speak to the Principal, and go to the school to feel the vibes. I remember being there with my husband and girl before she officially started and the children there were on their way out for toilet break. Two of them talked to my girl and they were saying that she should join them and how “cute” she was, not realizing that my hub and I were watching them. Later on, I told my hub that the girls were also very cute and friendly and well-mannered and they probably didn’t realize themselves that they were just as cute.

The environment in school is non-threatening and punishment is meted out in a responsible manner. The “thinking chair” they call it, where the errant child will have to sit in to reflect and think about what he/she has done and then the child will have to apologise and make peace with the other child.

Overall, I am very pleased seriously because besides imparting knowledge, academic skills, social skills and responsibility are not neglected and I feel these are just as important, if not more. :)

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