after 2 months of rest...

C was delighted when she found out that Ms Blue is resuming lessons.

I didn't have any problems getting her ready and we were out earlier than usual because she missed playing at the playground near the Community Centre. C's many playmates saw her all dressed up and commented that she looked so "pretty". Haha... yes, she did look different because when she was playing with them every evening, she wouldn't be dressed like this: she would be in her tees, and shorts and her hair was usually in a mess.

So she had fun at the playground before heading off to class.

She had fun in class. When she was done, she told me that she could still remember the steps that Ms Blue had taught her. :)


byihui said...

hi mind sharing where does cheryl learn her ballet? which cc is that?
thanks :)

Mummy said...

replied you on the chat tag on your blog.


mother hen said...

Hey i didnt know classes resumed. nobody informed me leh. Gosh, this is bad. So it started last wed? Is it the same timing same class?

Another thing, do you have the name of the hotel you stayed in Hong Kong? My friend thot of going there in a few mth's time.

Mummy said...

oh dear!

my hub received an sms regarding the class. no wonder i dint see you. and i thought you have changed the class and venue.

btw, c will be attending the class at simei from next week.

Mummy said...

and the name of the hotel:
panorama hotel

nice. its fairly new.. only several months old and just a min away from the entrance of the mtr station.

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