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We were set from day 1 that this would be the school that C attends and in a blink of an eye, this 6-years journey is nearing the end. Over the years, C has been blessed with dedicated and caring teachers. They have nurtured and guided her, reprimanded, and praised her too.

Many a times, C comes home with little gifts like a stationery set, or markers, or stickers. Gifts that her teachers had given to the class as tokens of encouragement. This year alone, C has been given 2 personalised pencil cases, complete with pens and the necessary writing materials. I guess, in preparation for the exams as children are only allowed to use transparent pencil cases to hold their stationery. How very thoughtful!

Yet the School, and the Parents' Support Group surprised us with this parting gift:

Each class has its individual photo book. The teachers have taken pictures throughout the year, capturing events the class has celebrated, crystallizing the special moments the girls have experienced. They were also given a mug with the words "Be Bold, and Shine". C loves the mug very much indeed and she drinks her Milo out of it every day now. 

Really, the School, the teachers, and the parents - they think of everything. :) We want to say "thank you."

National Gallery!

When we learned that C would be involved in the exhibition at the National Gallery, we were thrilled. C was equally excited and started working on her project.

The art school that C attends, it was the school's 20th anniversary and the staff marked the occasion with a huge celebration. Teachers were honored, and of course students who have walked through its doors were given recognition. The school has helped many students move on to their choice of study in the various reputed universities. C received an award from Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon, executive Director of the Association of Banks in Singapore.  She was one of the distinguished guests at the ceremony. 

This is C's masterpiece. Her teacher came up to speak to us while we were admiring her work. She commented that C is good with her technique and she has began conceptualising her own pieces. She knows how to use the research she has done to come up with new ideas. 

Teachers' Day 2017

This is C's final year with her teachers in the primary school. 

Previous years, we would fuss over what to get for her teachers but this year was relatively "easy". C is taking her PSLE this year and the pace has slowly but surely quicken. The work that she has to do each day is considerably more too. I told her that her teachers are also working just as hard, to prepare the children for the exam.

Thus explains our gifts to her teachers this year. 

Intoxicating Ipoh June 2017 Part 2

The food! Oh, Ipoh has so much to offer when it comes to good food. Despite us being there for 4 days, we only managed this little bit.

In a town so rich in history, we often found ourselves seated in coffee shops that are more than 40 years old and the businesses being run by second or even third generation of their founders. Like this bak kut teh place, a place the locals go to for their fix.

Ipoh White Coffee - where it all started. 

Another coffee joint we visited. This place is fairly young compared to her cousins in Old Town. The crowd that it caters to is definitely different.

One cannot visit Ipoh and not eat this: 怡保芽菜鸡
There are so many places that sell this but we needed to go to the one we always frequented. C were amazed at the chewiness of the noodles and finished the entire bowl. The fat juicy beansprouts were crunchy - such a simple dish but truly satisfying.

Dim sum breakfast for 2 mornings. 2 different places, one visited more by tourists and the other by the locals. Both were good, I must say, and both offered different experiences. The former is a double storey restaurant while the other is nestled deep in a residential estate.

Salted baked chicken. Had to do a takeaway because they do not cater to dine-in. We drove right up to the store and from the inside of the car, gestured to the attendants in the store. Instinctively, they packed  and came out with our order. 

our dad's favourite! He wouldn't go without this each time he was in Ipoh. Luckily we were early that evening and got our seats before the dinner crowd came.

It was a choice between crabs and lok lok and C chose to eat this. :) Good choice, really because how often would one get to eat by the side of the road? 

One thing about road trips - we always have our eyes peeled for things we seldom see. C got to try fresh lotus seeds.

On our way to Teluk Intan, we stopped by Batu Gajar for prawns. We don't have such prawns in Singapore. C observed that they have such big heads compared to what we have at home.

Brycen's favourite! He loves the fried kway tiao!

The best chee cheong fun ever! We have been in love with this for as long as we have lived. Different states have their versions of chee cheong fun and this is Teluk Intan's. We can get it in Singapore (there is a restaurant right here in Singapore that sells this but the density of the "fun" isn't quite the same - way too thin) 

Our 4-day trip went by really quickly... 

and we were soon heading out to the airport for our flight home. 

Daddy said we should resume our road trips to Malaysia - there is still so much of exploring to do Up North and what better way than to do it with driving. :) So yah, we will. 

Intoxicating Ipoh June 2017 Part 1

It was an impromptu decision to visit Ipoh as we didn't have any plans to travel in June. However, I was glad we did because it has been a decade since we last gone there and we reckon there would have been many changes.

On 11 June, we boarded our flight up north. We reached our destination an hour later and our adventure began.

Lunch was a famous bak kut teh eatery which has been in business for 40 years. After our tummies were settled, we headed out for some sight-seeing.

The town that we remember has indeed changed. There are definitely more shops and the place more crowded. There are also many residential estates. We visited the part of town where the shop houses were more than a 100 years old. 

Making our way down the lanes and to the famous 二奶巷. This stretch of town is the oldest - 120 years.

We also did a fair bit of walking to the various coffee shops and along the way, we spotted a medical hall with its products.

 The railway station that has stood more than a century. 

Heritage building in the Old Town. People often referred to it as City Hall.

Over the course of the next few days, we drove out of Ipoh town, to Kampar, Gopeng, Batu Gajar, and Teluk Intan.

The very large compound had these gigantic urns which were filled to the brim. Every breeze brought that faint aromatic scent of the fermented soybeans and tickled our nostrils. 

We drove into Kampar, a town which had its roots from tin-mining. In its heydays, this little town was booming and there were numerous tin mines.

Besides visiting the tin-mining museum, we also went to a "university town" - Since the establishment of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, the quiet area around the campus slowly developed and grew into a bustling area. The university has more than 20 thousand students and they came from all the different states in Malaysia. The area quickly saw many residents renting out their homes or shop houses to these students. Before long, small eateries and mini-marts appeared.

We would have gone to visit some schools too if we had more time.

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

One of the town's attractions is this tower which was erected by a Chinese builder in 1885. Four years after its completion, the tower tilted and it was believed that the underground stream was the cause. It was originally used as a water tower (kind of like a reserve) to supply water to the town. As the town was originally developed as a port, the tower also served as a beacon to guide ships into Teluk Intan. The clock at the top still chimes every 15 minutes. 

Blessed birthday, Daddy!

Daddy took some time off from work to spend time with us this holiday and our June break has been fantastic. This year has been hectic with C preparing and gearing up for her first major exam. As for the both of us, the break from work means we could finally slow down a little and do "lazy" tasks like watch television.

As Daddy's 41st birthday is around the corner and we decided to give him a treat.

Daddy and C love beef and I was wondering where to take them... I didn't want a steak bar so after some research, I decided on Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant at Marina Square Shopping Mall.

We spent a good hour and half there, enjoying the premium quality Wagyu beef. There was seafood too and sashimi which C loves. C had fun, slowing grilling her meats and seafood.

It was a fine way to idle the afternoon away :) and I do see us returning for future meals. 

Blessed Mother's Day'17

We appreciate all the time we have with each other during the weekends so Mother's Day was just another excuse for us to eat out. Nevertheless, it was always a treat to have a nice meal with everyone.

When we couldn't decide whether it would be steamboat or bbq, we were thankful that this "problem" was easily resolved with the 4-tier pagoda steamboat. 

"Smile for the camera!"

Happy grandmummy with the kids.

Daddy took us out for dinner during the weekend too and we ended up in a cosy, nostalgic eatery in Changi Village, where we indulged in some simple dishes.

A picture C took of us.

A blessed year indeed. :)

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