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Written By Mummy N on 9 July 2015 | 6:00:00 pm

Several months back, I had C take the public bus on her own, though I was following from a distance. That experience made her just that little bit braver. This afternoon, she had the opportunity to take that experience of travelling on her own slightly further.

There was an enrichment activity she had to attend in school and she would be done in the late afternoon. Usually I would try to pick her up from school but this time round, Daddy asked if she wanted to make her way back home on her own. She went quiet for a while.

I gave her a moment to think through and then asked her again what her decision was. She whispered that she was afraid. I wasn't about to give up or give in and say that she could wait for me at the school gates so I told her this: I will meet you at the half-way point.

I could see the relief on her face when she heard that. 

Making her way back for the entire journey would have seem daunting especially when she hadn't done it before and it didn't help that she needed to alight and board another bus to cover the distance from school to home. But travelling half the distance definitely seemed like something she could accomplish... for now. I was glad that the simple phrase gave her so much comfort. She immediately nodded and said okay. 

Baby steps for now but nevertheless, moving ahead. :)

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