an overdue entry...

This entry should have come in at the beginning of January but... never mind. Better late than never. 

Cheryl is in K2 this year and there has been many changes in school. For one, the teaching style has changed. She now sits in a permanent classroom with only 2 teachers; Ms Novelle is the "form teacher" who will be teaching the class everything from English, Mathematics to Project Work and then there is Ling Lao Shi who does Mandarin with the pupils.

She also sits with a partner in class and unlike the past, where she has a personal space in the classroom, she must now learn to concentrate with many friends around her. Ms Jocelyn, the Principal, reiterated that this arrangement was so that the children can be prepared for the primary school setting next year and I am all for it.

So far, C has been doing well in this setting and she is getting accustomed to having her partner around. :)

Just before the new school year started, C reminded me to get her stationery ready and we packed her school bag together.
C has been carrying her own stationery to school since last year hence she is alright with this arrangement. We tagged all of her stationery and her pencil case.

and she has a personalised bag for her stuff. She picked out the design herself and calls it her "fairy bag".


Fatboy Joe said...

Oh how I wish by placing a name tag to my stationary would keep them on my desk in work ... sigh

Anonymous said...

Loved the embroidered Name on the bag..Can you please tell me where did you get it done??

Thanks n Wishes

Mummy said...

Uncle Joel:
You can still get these stickers ordered and stick them to your stationery.

Your stationery still going missing?

I ordered the bag online.

and they did the embroidery. love their designs.

Anonymous said...


May i know the one cheryl chose is it toddler backpack? May i know whats the height size of the bag?

Mummy said...

yes, its the toddler's backpack. the height is like 34cm.

it can fit an a4 size file (vertical) and it was precisely why i bought it in the first place.

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