SwimSafer Gold Award

After 3 sessions of practice, Cheryl and Brion took their SwimSafer Gold Award test today.

There were many people at the pool: parents of children who were taking their test and of course, the participants themselves.

C did a total of 16 laps of 4 different strokes.

The children had to stay afloat for 1 minute.

Retrieving stuff from under the water.

Swimming with clothes and socks on. The coach specifically instructed us not to wear pyjamas as the material was too light. He said that it was unlikely that we would be wearing pyjamas out or falling into the waters.

Brion, putting on the life jacket before swimming 100m in it.

Cheryl's turn now.

Off she went with her 100m swim.

The children had to perform a life saver exercise. Brion and Cheryl paired up for this exercise to be the victim and the rescurer.

The children finished their test and were pleased with their efforts.

Both of them were so happy to receive their certificates. :)

All the participants: they were so pleased. I thought it was a brilliant idea that the School had their certificates ready and gave them out to the children like it was a mini awards ceremony. The coaches and institution made a "big deal" of it to show the children of their achievement. Daddy said that unless the children refused to swim or didn't turn up for the test, otherwise, it was unlikely any of them would fail as the participants were all swimmers.

My initial plans was for C to stop her swimming lessons after she cleared her Gold but I learned that she would be get her lifesaver awards if she continued. So I guess, the best thing is to have a chat with C to find out if she is keen to continue.

We brought out kiddos out for a celebratory dinner after that.

:) Yummilicious food!

We rounded up the evening with a baking session at Aunt Ven's place.

Thank you!! :)

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Lionel n Rachel said...

Well Done, Cheryl & Brion!

Lionel n Rachel said...

Well done Cheryl & Brion!

Mummy N said...

Thank you!! :)

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