Headed East 2012 - Part V

The last two destinations on our itinerary were Yingge and Danshui.

The children were excited that they were going to for another session of hands-on; this time round, they will be making a mosaic piece.

They picked their items and quickly sat down to start working on them.

The area was large and it had several workshops available but we chose the mosaic making one as we learned the wait for our creations to be ready, had we chosen the pottery making, would take 1 month. We also didn't want to just "paint a mug".  

Hard at work. We spent almost 2 hours working on them. 

C's photo frame and our little holder. 

After lunch, we explored the town a little and also shopped for mugs and cups. 

I was lamenting that we should have bought 1; they were so pretty.

But we got these for ourselves. :)

Back in Ximending and waiting for dinner to be served... 

The next morning, we were up and out early.
the two of them enjoying their breakfast at Starbucks before we headed out.

The little town of Danshui. 

Being near the sea, live seafood and their speciality; fish ball stores can be found along the streets.

We chanced upon this store selling items of days gone by.

Craft that we bought back home; zodiac signs of our families.

more sampling. The pastries here were quite good.

Very natural shots! 

More ice cream; the children almost had 1 each day.

Sweet potato and tapioca coated with malt sugar.

This is what Danshui is famous for, Ah Ge. After the night market at Danshui, we made our way back...

we got to have a soak.

Love the huge beds and the toilet where the tub was. 

It was definitely heaven, soaking in the steaming hot waters after a long day out. 

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Lionel n Rachel said...

Ermmm, what is Yingge in Chinese?

Mummy N said...

If you are a pottery lover, you will find this place a haven. It has everything you need, from pots to plates to mugs to tea sets.

Lionel n Rachel said...

so i see. so how many nites did u stay in each town?

Mummy N said...

We only stayed in 2 places; Kaoshiung and Taipei.

It was when we were in Taipei that we traveled to the outskirts. Cumbersome to put up at different hotels as it was winter; more luggage to carry. Besides, there was C and our friends also have their son with them.

So every evening, we went back to the same hotel at Taipei.

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