Instant noodles

Some time back, a friend shared a link to a website; the owner of the website had prepared some light and simple lunches. I was inspired since. I then thought that we could have this at work and for C when she returned from school in the afternoon.

The noodles were cooked and cooled under running water to prevent them from over-cooking. I also had the carrots cooked in the microwave (2 minutes and they were done.) Then I placed the ingredients neatly into the jars that I bought from Daiso. Once term starts, cooking at home is really impossible hence I have limited ingredients in the refrigerator and at this point in time, there are only corn kernels, carrots, wolfberries and miso paste.

Now that C eats kimchi, my next attempt will be to use that. :)

All that she needs to do is to add hot water and lunch will be served.

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