Headed East 2012 - Part VI

Oh, who could forget the food we had!?

What Taiwan is famous for; night markets and the great variety of food they have! (Kaohsiung)

Baos - this shop operates through the night. (Kaohsiung)

We took a stroll down the streets before deciding that we would eat pasta and steak. I had dumplings and they were good. (Kaohsiung)

Hakka signature dishes - a must-try if you ever go to Meinong. (Kaohsiung)

minced meat rice with cabbage soup. This rice dish is highly popular and it is available almost every where we went.(Kaohsiung)

Noodles, oyster mee suah, carrot cake... this store that sells them is packed all the time. Despite the queue, people did not mind waiting. (Ximending) 

We realised that the serving was really huge.

Ice cream - the children's staple ... .

Followed the lovely aroma ...

definitely one of the best and the cold weather helped. 

The best one was the one with the plums; complimented the sweetness of the malt sugar and the sour taste of the tomatoes.

Lunch at Jin Tong. 

Afternoon tea to warm us up. 

We got them in Yingge and that was the only place that sold these egg-puddings. 

Famished! Local food in Danshui.

We discovered that these were breakfast that the locals ate. They were quite delicious! 

Curry rice; the Taiwanese love curry rice like their Japanese neighbours and such curry rice dishes / stores were everywhere.

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Lionel n Rachel said...

God! You are really making me hungry with all those food... haha

Mummy N said...

Hahahaha.. I would say the xiao che is more interesting than the main dishes.

Lionel n Rachel said...

wow, so basically u've covered more than half of the mouth watering food from the north to the south?

Mummy N said...

not really so because I believe there are way too many different food and the stomach can only accommodate so much.

and different places have their own kind of food though there are some common ones like the minced meat rice.

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