steady hands needed.

This was a surprise to me when C told me.

She showed me her attempts at Chinese calligraphy. 

I don't know that C would be exposed to this in school but I am not complaining. Writing these characters take skill and a lot of patience. It is definitely not an easy feat. 

The other member of our family who does a pretty good job at these characters is Aunt Di. She used to write them when she was younger too. I recall Aunt Di being in a calligraphy writing competition in her primary school and she had left out her name on the script that she submitted. She wrote the number "8" on the script and when the teacher gave out prizes to the winners, he had to announce for number "8" to go up for her prize. 

As for C, she still has a long way to go before she comes even close to entering calligraphy writing competitions but she is not reluctant to pick up this new skill and despite her rather messy writing some times, she managed to keep her writing paper clean. I really do hope to see improvement in her penmanship. :)

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