keeping warm

When C was younger, she would wear this to bed.

Grand Mummy improvised and made this "grobag" for her because she wasn't able to keep her blanket on at night. I thought it was a good idea to just let her wear her blanket during her bed time and this piece of garment was something C used for a number of years. 

C is now 8 years old and she has her own room where she sleeps in and every night, we talk about her covering her body securely because we don't want her to fall ill or catch a cold. She would be nicely tucked in before I went to bed but it was a different story the next morning. C even recently asked me if Grand Mummy could make her another grobag so that she didn't need to worry about kicking her blankets in the night. 

I think she must have heard enough of my nagging because she decided to solve the problem by putting on socks before she slept. 

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