C loves her craft. She loves to dance, to sing and to draw. She looks forward to every Saturday because she gets to spend a good part of the afternoon doing something she loves.

She has been with the school for close to 5 years now and with Teacher Dennis, 2 years. In his report and review, he commented that C has a soft spot for trees and she was able to produce several projects of that theme though using different styles. He noted that she is very serious and quite uniquely and differently, C isn't afraid of making mistakes. Daddy and I think this is really remarkable of her. :)

I have asked her several times if she would like to start working on a portfolio and each time, she declined saying that she was not ready. I think we would be speaking to Teacher Dennis soon to find out if this should be the track she should embark on because we would like to see her do something she is passionate about. 

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