of "contact-ability" and "identification"

An incident prompted this entry.

We were having lunch at a hawker centre. This hawker centre is located at a mature estate and during lunch time, we noticed that most of the patrons there were the elderly. It took us a while to find a table and get our food due to the peak hour but that didn't trouble us much.

We noticed that there was an elderly woman slouched over the table just behind ours. Before Daddy could sink his teeth into the food he bought, a loud thud startled him and he turned around to find that the elderly woman had fallen off her seat and hit her head. He immediately attended to her and asked if she was all right. He asked if he could contact anyone in her family and all she could tell him was her home number. She has a husband living with her but he wasn't at home to pick up the call. Daddy then asked if he could contact her children to which she replied she didn't know their numbers.

There was a swell on the back of her head and fearing for her safety, Daddy called for the ambulance. The paramedics who came tried rather unsuccessfully to retrieve information from her due to language barrier. This was easily solved as Daddy and some helpful by-standers translated the questions and answers. All this while, calls to the family home remained unanswered. It was only after much persuasion,3 hours later and complaints of feeling dizzy and faint that the elderly woman agreed to go to the hospital.

This incident got us thinking... . How did the elderly woman feel? She must have been terrified. How would her children have felt when they find out what had happened? Let's not jump to conclusions here and say that her children didn't care. They could have given her their contact numbers and the elderly woman might have forgotten where she had the numbers written down. She would most probably have them in a note book by the telephone at home like how my mum and dad.

Then I remember something a friend posted on her Facebook page. It's an identification tag she has gotten made and on the tag, the important numbers of the next-of-kin and her medical history. Perhaps I should get one for my mum with all of our mobile numbers on it or for C. In case of any emergencies, I wouldn't want to be un-contactable.

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