The new academic year

How time flies... despite this being the first blog entry for the new school year, we are already into the final week of January. It has been rather eventful... C was out of action for a good 10 days and she only went back to school last Monday. Thankfully though, she was able to remain on track on what had been taught in school.

This evening was the Parents' Night for this batch of Primary 4s and Daddy and I went down to meet with her teachers.

Mr Chong is still C's form teacher and will continue to teach the class for most of the core subjects. This is good because there is continuity and because he believes in the "open-door" policy, parents are on his weekly mailing list for updates from school and what goes on in class with lessons. We definitely welcome this because as we are kept abreast of the happenings and what has been taught in class.

C's English and Mother Tongue teachers updated us on the new syllabus with regards to the Oral component and the direction the School has adopted in order to train the girls. We had a Q&A session there after and I took the opportunity to walk around the classroom.

Seeing how the teachers had personalised the walls of the classroom and notice boards let us know that the girls are in good hands. We learned why the girls were seated in rows of 3 and how they were taught to look out for each other. 

The class has started their own library with the books they donated. Moving away from drills and practices, Mr Chong has also started on some "Thinking Strategies" and their work has been displayed proudly on the notice boards.

As the evening drew to a close, Daddy and I walked out of the School feeling assured and at peace. Though school work would increase in intensity, we know that things and processes had been put in place to help the girls manage. 

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