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Written By Mummy N on 13 February 2015 | 11:03:00 am

It was a Friday and it would have been a pretty normal one had C not asked to go for this.

She spent 3 hours helping out at Metta that afternoon and when I picked her up that evening at 9.30pm, she was just finishing up with her homework for the weekend. She related that though she was tired out from spending the afternoon on her feet and helping with the cutting of food and vegetables and later on with the washing and cleaning of the kitchen area, she was happy. She said there were many people there too and she had even made friends with some "aunties". I asked if she would do this again and she eagerly nodded.

She fell asleep during the journey home; she must have been exhausted. 

 It is one thing to teach and learn about values but quite another to be able to put that into action. We were glad that C had volunteered to be involved and that she had found the activity to be meaningful. :)

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