First of the new school year, 2014

C went to bed last night at 9pm but instead of getting a restful night of sleep, she woke up at 3.30 this morning, crept into our room and whispered that she needed to pee. After the deed, I walked her back to her room but at 4am, she was in our room again and asked if it was time to wake up. 4.30am and she asked why hadn't the alarm clock rang and then it was really time to wake up.

As we were eating breakfast, I found out that she woke up several times in the night. She said she was nervous about being late for school and that was when I smiled and assured her that since I had to be at work before she was in school, she would never be late for school. :)

It has been a busy morning but fortunately, I was able to get some sit-down time at my desk every now and then to blog and to chat with Daddy.

True, she is no more a freshie to the school but I can't help but wonder how her first day went. I would definitely call her up later to ask her. :)

I didn't manage to ring her when she returned from school; it was she who did.

In the evening, she recounted what had happened in school and how she now has a "funny" form teacher who is rather animated. She managed to hand in several of her books to her teacher and she also showed us a letter from her form teacher. In the letter, the teacher introduced himself and promised that we would be receiving updates from him regularly and he had asked for our contact details. I was rather impressed at his sincerity. It felt good to start the new academic year on the right foot and positive note. :)

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Lionel n Rachel said...

Haha.. I believe we are as nervous (or even more) as our children.

Jia You! C, Nat n Christopher :)

Mummy N said...

Hey friend :)

Thank you.
I still haven't spoken to her yet haha cuz still at work. Will try to leave at 6pm.

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