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Cadets in training

Written By Mummy N on 13 June 2013 | 8:58:00 am

I learned about this workshop last year but because C was under age, I had to hold the thought of signing her up. But I was constantly on the lookout for the registration of this workshop and when it was opened in March this year, I told Aunt Ven about it and we took the opportunity to sign the kids up.

Just look at how excited they were when they went to pick up their space suit. 

They were up really early for this workshop as it was held all the way at the Singapore Science Centre. Breakfast to start the day was at MacDonald's. 

After that, they quickly suited up and waited...

Their instructor, Tim, who would take them through the 2-day workshop.

Just one of the many items C came back with. She "learned so many things" (in her own words) and even told us about how the astronauts went to the bath room. Here she had ice cream meant for astronauts. When and Daddy tasted them, Daddy's eyes widened and he commented, "They still melt in your mouth despite not being cold." 

The 2-days workshop ended with a prize presentation and graduation ceremony. Tim explained what the space cadets had done in the course of the week and then proceeded to award them with their certificates. 

The children were very pleased!

Now, they had earned their wings.

Brion with a very satisfied and contented look. :) 

Well done, children! The next workshop will be in a couple of years but they will be looking out for it too. :)

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