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"Dear Parents..."

Written By Mummy N on 13 January 2014 | 8:01:00 am

It is customary for teachers to ask for parents' contacts at the beginning of the academic year and C's form teacher did the same. In fact, he did more than that; he wrote us a letter introducing himself and gave us his contacts. He stated his objectives for the pupils and promised that there would be regular updates from him.

Then over the weekend, we received his first update: in his email, he
- let us know of the topics he had covered during lessons
- informed us of the observation; their weaknesses and strengths, he made in class as the pupils worked
- advised us to look through the children's work after they have completed them
- cautioned against having the children hand in "perfect" homework; the girls have to do their corrections of on a piece of paper and to have parents indicate on the questions where the errors were done so that he knows that these are the concepts and questions the teacher needs to go through in greater depth.

All in all, we welcome the feedback from C's form teacher and we are definitely keeping our eyes peeled for more regular updates. We thank God for C's teacher and guidance. :)

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