First Day of School

First day of school... for both my baby and me.

Related to me by Daddy:

Daddy got C ready for school and she was really excited. She was all smiles and could not wait to be there.

She has been to her school many times; when we brought her shopping, we would make it a point to take her up to her school for a walkabout so she was all too familiar with the place.

Okay, when I saw this picture, both Daddy and I laughed out loud because this was so typical of her. But despite seeing her do this a million times, she still looked "different" trying to climb the pillar in her uniform.

When it was almost time to go in, she was seen waiting eagerly at the entrance.

Here she was already in class with the other children. Daddy said she went in and sat on her own but she spotted a group of children playing and she quietly crawled over to the group. The teacher saw her and she stopped in her tracks (on her knees actually) and then the teacher signalled for her to join the group and she got up and ran over.

She was attentive in class and did as told. (Such a perfect pupil!)

Then she spotted her darling Daddy

Class today, being the first day and all, ended earlier than usual and the children were soon marching out.

Look at her! Her uniform is all out and she definitely looked like she had had a wild time! So much for separation anxiety. Looks like my worries were unfounded after all.

Daddy told me that the first thing she said to him when she came out was "My bag has no lunch." Oh my! Her teacher did tell me to prepare snacks for her but I thought since her class started at 9.30 instead of the usual 8.15 and ended at 10.30 instead of 11.15, she could just take her breakfast at home so I didn't pack her snack and what a mistake it proved to be.

Moral of the lesson: Don't ever be a smart-alec.

When Daddy came to pick me up from work, we drove to get her cake from Polar for her snack tomorrow. I wondered what C did in class because Daddy and our Precious took a 3-hour nap that afternoon; she must have been really tired.

"I am so sorry, Baby. I hope you will enjoy this."

Daddy attended the talk by the Principal and he was impressed by what she said. She was assuring the parents that although the children do a lot of playing in school, it wasn't just mindless playing and they do learn. On top of that, she proudly declared that she knows all the children under her charge and can even tell of their strengths and weakness. When Daddy told me this, we were glad that we had put her in a good school.

Just now, Daddy even said that for the rest of the week, he would return home after sending me to work to take Cheryl to school and I am truly grateful for what he wants to do.

Thank you, Daddy! I am sure Cheryl also appreciates your being there.


Babynuppy said...

Our Chery is a big girl now!! Muackss!!!

Mummy said...

She sure is!

Wonder how she is today. another hour and she will be done for the day.

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