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a cheesy affair!

Written By Mummy N on 22 June 2015 | 6:45:00 pm

Now with the new school term dawning upon us, there aren't that many opportunities to cook dinner so I asked C what she would like for dinner this evening. After lunch at the mall, we went groceries shopping and return with the ingredients we needed.

We eventually decided on rice instead of pasta and when we got back, it was preparation of the raw ingredients. The rice was put to cook while the others were cut.

 C commented that it has been a while since we last ate these mushrooms and requested that we had them to night. She went on to hunt for them at NTUC and then got right down to preparing them when we got back,
 As for the baked rice, putting the prepared ingredients on the stove was simple enough and in no time, they were ready to be placed in the oven. We used 2 different cheese: mozzarella and parmesan for the toppings. Popped the bowl into the air-fryer for 20 minutes. Thereafter, another 5 minutes more to just give the cheese a nice brown.

there you have it! - (air-fried) sausage and ham baked rice with portobello mushrooms. C cleaned out her portion. :)

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