it's 5.40am from now on.

Last 2 weeks before the end of academic year 2012; Primary 1.

C's school informed us that now that PRIME ("Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing Schools) has completed, there are enough classrooms to for all the levels in a single session. Hence all Primary 1 and 2 pupils will go to school from the morning like their older school mates.

Waking up at 5.40am, so far, has been effortless for C; quite unlike how Daddy described to me when she was in the afternoon session. She would wash herself up and sit down for breakfast, though getting through breakfast was a chore. She would try to wriggle her way out from that last mouthful of bread or Milo. But for everything else, she was alright.

We leave the house at 6.30am and Daddy would send me to work first before dropping her. Now I get to see each other in the mornings and she waves goodbye to me from her seat in the rear. :)

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Lionel n Rachel said...

waking up at 5.40am... isnt that a wee bit too early?

and i'm still grouchy at having to wake up at

Mummy N said...

This is the best. If she takes the school bus, her bus comes at 5.40am and this means she needs to wake up at 4.45am.

So now, her dad drives her and leaving the house at 6.30am to send me (reach work at 6.40am) and then proceed on to her school. She needs to be there by 7.15am.

in the 50 min, she washes up, takes breakfast, i tie her hair, both adults get ready and out of the house. just enough time.

Lionel n Rachel said...

maybe u can give me a morning call just before u leave the house every morning... haha

Mummy N said...

I can do that. :)
PM me ur number.

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