Here and Now

Joined together by friendship
Sealed forever by love.

When one is Krazy and the other is Psicho, life can be absolutely insane. 

This time, 12 years ago, we were both getting ready to make our way to the Registry of Marriage.
I wouldn't lie to say that these 12 years were easy. In fact, these years were crucial in us becoming who we are now. 

We learn the importance of patience, and more so, how to act with patience. We learn when to fight and when to hold back. We learn that besides, uttering the "love you"s, we need to be able to really show it.

Our relationship has never been about romance or the number of candle-lit dinners we have had. In fact, as I look back on the years, I see how he steps in when I am not around and how I step up when he is unavailable. I appreciate the home-cook dinners and warm food during the uni days. I appreciate how he would wake up and report to work 2 hours before he needs to because he chooses to send C and me to school and work. I appreciate that although he has unfinished work which he brings home to complete, he spends time with us in the evenings until C has gone to bed before he starts doing his own things. We definitely appreciate his calls in the evenings when he is on work trips; that even though he is miles away physically, he remains attached to the on-goings of things at home. 

:) Happy anniversary. 

The Hub came back with a surprise ... He said he would be back early and that was something rare these days. In fact, he has been so busy we don't see him home till 9 almost every weekday for the past 6 months. Although I had expected him to reach home around 5.30pm, he didn't till it was almost 6. C opened the door for him and she gave out a shriek! 

She turned and then when I saw both of them, C said to her Daddy, "Daddy, you made Mummy cry."

You see, he was late because he went to get me this. The hub isn't one to spend money on flowers. He gave me one when I agreed to be his girl friend. The next time I received another was during our wedding. Then, he gave me one more when C was born. 2 years back, he surprised me with one more which he had delivered to the Staff room. I wasn't expecting him to come home with this today but he did. He made each bouquet count and I appreciate his gesture. 

"Thank you, my love." 

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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.