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have you Zalora-ed?

Written By Mummy N on 23 January 2014 | 8:36:00 am

While we are busy getting gifts for our family and friends this Christmas, it dawned on me that Chinese New Year is only a month away and this means, it doesn't leave us much time to do another round of shopping for the New Year.

I could hit the brick and mortar and walk ourselves silly: going to 1 should be okay but that is if I could get everything I need. But you know that women like choices and I do not like to go in there and simply pick any off the shelves so...

The solution to my hassle-free shopping... Zalora Singapore

I know, I know - "What about the fun of trying on the clothes? Surely you need to know if they fit." Well, lets just say trying on clothes is only fun when you do not see a snaking queue at the fitting room.   

If you haven't already ordered, perhaps this is a good time to start. :)
Happy Shopping!

I am serious! "CNY picks from Zalora

Have you Zalora-ed?

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