Thank you, Mr Chong

At the beginning of the year, we received an email from C's form teacher, Mr Chong. In it, he briefed us on what his expectations were for the girls and how he would keep us updated. Well, it has been slightly more than a month since school started and as promised, Mr Chong has been updating us weekly on what has been taught in class. He also noted down the areas in which the girls are weak in and needed more supervision.

Then this evening, Daddy and I and the parents of his class received another email; He had set up a class blog and has been taking pictures of the girls in action.

There were many more pictures of the children on the class blog.

Daddy and I were pleasantly surprised and welcomed his gesture. In fact, we are very appreciative of what Mr Chong has been doing with the children and more importantly, keeping parents in the loop of things. :) We thank God for his grace, for this very dedicated form teacher. It is an amazing feeling knowing that C is in good hands this year and probably, the next year too. 

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