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Island of Gods 19 - 22 June 2013 Part I

Written By Mummy N on 19 June 2013 | 4:30:00 pm

We planned for it to be a short getaway during this June holidays and very quickly decided that Bali was to be the destination. Daddy and I went there about a decade ago and we missed the idyllic island. Then we put up in Nusa Dua but this time we thought it would be a good idea to experience a different part of Bali. Though a short trip, the planning was not as simple as there were many things to consider. It took us about a month to put the things together.

We flew with Tiger Air for the short flight and all of us occupied ourselves meaningfully with our reading on board.

We had arranged for someone to take all 19 of us to the resort in Ubud and he came in this luxurious coach. Despite the 2.5 hours flight, we were all excited.

While checking in, we posed for shots. :)

A refreshing welcome drink greeted us. :) The staff at Kamandula Resort and Spa were very friendly polite.


Our huge and spacious accommodation at Kamandula Resort.
I liked the changing area because I tended to get up earlier than both Cs and being able to wash up and change in a separate area meant that I did not have to creep around. Haha. Daddy enjoyed his bath at the outdoor showers. :)

Exploring the resort:

The resort was quiet and with the many fruit trees and flowers, it almost seemed poetic. Some of the trees were planted by returning guests over the years. Seriously, I wouldn't mind coming back to the resort in future as the place was really enchanting.

There were padi fields at the resort and it seems that the padi had been harvested. Luckily I managed to take a picture still.

This was our lodging in Seminyak, the second part of the trip. When we were planning for the trip, Ven and I knew instinctively that we wanted to stay in a pool villa in Seminyak and we were glad that we found this lovely villa.

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