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oh, what a day!

Written By Mummy N on 12 June 2013 | 8:00:00 pm

It was mid week and we thought it would be a wise choice to visit the SEA Aquarium, on top of the list of the activities we had planned for the day. :)

The weather was kind and we made our way happily after a hearty breakfast.

The museum just prior to entering the aquarium.

Finally! The place reminded the adults of the Underwater World at Sentosa and we were wondering if the place was going to close since we have the SEA Aquarium up now. Sorry folks, I didn't take that many pictures as I was busy admiring the sights. 

 Before we left Sentosa, we had our fun with the life-sized Playmobil figures. 

The children couldn't resist but sit down for a session with the toys. 

Up next was what the children were looking forward to the entire week ... 

Some 2 hours later, we headed out for dinner at the near by Satay by the Bay. It was quite an experience sitting on these little stools and eating away. Haha. All in all, a fun day. :)

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