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Back when I was a student, the best we had as a book store was Big Bookshop and it was nothing compared to the Popular book shops we have today. Big Bookshop didn't have fanciful storybooks and it carried mainly assessment books and stationery.

Then when C came into the picture, Popular bookshop became one of her favourite hideouts where she bought her story books. We didn't really frequent libraries because returning books took too much of an effort and we didn't want to risk getting fined.

Last week, I brought C to another kind of bookshop and she was intrigued by how she would get money back when she returned the book within the allotted time frame.

She told me the night before that she wanted to go to San's again and then reminded me again this afternoon. When we got there, she immediately set her bag down and dug into it for her book; she had finished reading it (in record time! - 1 week) then quickly returned it and headed to the shelf with the other Nancy Drew books.

Her new book for this week. :)

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My Amazing Days said...

Oh, we've been there too! But I don't usually buy too many books because my Mom has so many -- she kept all the ones from when she was a kid!

Lionel n Rachel said...

Hmmm...Bras Basah Complex? Nancy Drew Series was a big hit... and yes, Archies too :P

Mummy N said...

Hmm... I should make a trip there to check it out. For a while, C was also keen to read Archie but I am not in favour of her reading it; quite trashy. haha

Mummy N said...

My Amazing Days:
That is nice. A lot of my books were given away.

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