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We had talked about getting C her own study desk and last November, when we were hunting for furniture, we went to take a look at the desk we wanted to get her. However as we weren't sure if we had space for it, we thought it would be wise to purchase it at a later date.

Then last Saturday we saw that the company was having a promotion for the desk and chair set and we quickly went down to take a look again.

This time round, we were definitely a lot more decisive and it didn't take us or C long before she decided on the colour and chair she wanted. We were fortunate that someone had called in to cancel his delivery and the sales person quickly asked if we would take his slot. 

When C returned in the evening and saw her new work station, she was jumping with joy and almost immediately, started on her homework. Fifteen minutes later, she put it away and then took out her story book and read a chapter. Daddy and I smiled; pleased that she now has a spot in her room to do her studies. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi I've been thinking of that ergonomic table too. What was the promotion price and any idea when it ends? This is the store at Centre point? Or Wheelock?

Mummy N said...

Good morning.
You can refer to their Facebook page for details. Promotion price was $888 for the desk and chair. The chair was the "Happy Wings" model and we upgraded it to the one you see in the pic.

All in all, after the upgrade, the price was slightly over $1000.

Keep a lookout for them in the papers. They will advertise time and again. :)

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks so much!

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