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We never knew we could make our own; as in make it using simple, inexpensive ingredients. But this trip to make our soap was an eye-opener and it was thanks to Aunt Ven who signed C up for the session.

These elaborately hand crafted soap greeted us when we arrived. They were so realistically looking it was really difficult to tell them apart from the real deal. 

The tools and materials they needed for the session. 

After the large blocks were cut into smaller pieces, the children had to melt them down into liquid.

Then it was choosing the scent they wanted for their soap. It wasn't an easy task because the children had to choose between many different essential oils and they also needed to measure the oils accurately.

As C and B had chosen for their soap to be layered, they also needed to choose scents that complimented each other. 

Choosing the moulds took up a lot of time as well as the children went through the different drawers and scrutinized every single one before deciding on the ones they wanted.

Next, after the melted soap pieces were mixed in with the colours and scents, they were gently poured into the moulds and put into the refrigerators.

Jing Heng's creation.

Brion's work.


Our favourite pieces.

The children were of course beaming with pride after they saw the products.

We couldn't resist. :) 

There were so many pieces of soap that we left a piece each in our wardrobes. Both toilets were also not spared. Then we also had one in our car. Yesterday, C gave Grand Mummy and Aunt Jules a piece each too and we used the largest block on ourselves.

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Chew Family said...

Thought they were jellies! Hehee

Mummy N said...

they do look good and real enough to be eaten.

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