good old reads.

I grew up reading these books and I have fond memories of them. 

C loves to buy books and every trip to the book shop means that she will come out of it with a new book or two in her arms. However, I realise that some how these books that she likes aren't quite like those we use to read. I mean, the books are colourful and the pictures are definitely more beautifully drawn but ... I think it should be our mind's eye that conjure up these vivid images; that is the beauty and magic of reading, right?

Last evening, we went to the book shop again and she wanted two books. My deal to C was; for her to get a book of her choice while I get her another of mine. :)

As usual, she picked out the usual Geronimo Stilton book and I decided to get her one of these:
This is so old school. :) But I remember how I would be captivated by the mysteries Nancy Drew solved. The series has survived the test of time.

I tried to find these off the shelves but they were no longer available. Nancy Drew had a make-over and she was given the modern look.

This was her, hooked. She started last evening almost immediately after we came out and could not put it down. She did a little reading too, during breakfast this morning. 

:) Not too bad.

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