ballet ... grade 2

It was an important day for C; she took her Grade 2 ballet examination this afternoon.

C practised really hard for this examination and for more than 6 months, she was going for dance class twice a week. Ms Blue insisted that the girls under her charge attend the extra coaching class. Then about a month before the examination itself, her students had to go for rehearsals on top of the regular class so to say that C was exhausted was an understatement.

But we could tell that she was passionate about her ballet because she would prance around whenever and wherever she had the opportunity. She would use the space in our living room to practise her steps, she would even do it while taking her shower. 

And this afternoon, all her hard work was put to the test as she entered the examination room. 

Our Precious, all dressed and ready. 

Daddy took the day off, like he in previous years and it was him who accompanied her the whole time. "Thank you, Daddy."

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