and away they flew

When C was a lot younger, we brought her to a farm and got her caterpillars. That was because she wanted a pet so badly but we knew she wasn't ready for a real pet. I also know parents would be the ones who end up taking care of the animals even when the children promise the heavens and skies that they would be responsible. Hence, the caterpillars.

Grand Mummy who has a little garden growing at her place, has to deal with these caterpillars on a very regular basis; you see, she has a lime tree and for some reason, butterflies are attracted to this plant and they lay a lot of eggs on the leaves. Each week, Grand Mummy would have to remove these caterpillars or her plant would die.

This weekend, we saw that there were at least 5 butterflies in the container and Grand Mummy had deliberately waited for her grand children to be around before she released them. Short video because my phone went dead after that.

Away they flew from Natalie Lian on Vimeo.

When I told Grand Mummy that we bought caterpillars for C in the past, she laughed.

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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.