Headed East Part III

It was a rainy day; wet and definitely a day we would prefer to stay in bed, wrapped between the warm covers. However, we were set to explore the quiet towns of Jin Tong and Shi Fen... .

 Making our way there... It was a rainy day but that didn't dampen our spirits. We were up early and set off once we had settled our breakfast. We traveled by train for most, if not all of the time we were in Taiwan. 

half way there... 

and while we waited for the next train out to Ping Xi, we took a break and enjoyed some piping hot sweet potato.

I like this picture a lot; made me wonder what the Daddies were talking about but to be able to capture this moment ... priceless.

we were back on the platform soon enough for the train. We got ourselves the day-pass which allowed us to unlimited rides on the Ping Xi line.

With nothing much to day along the way, we turned to entertaining ourselves. haha

The train station. 

sending post cards home... :) 

Then in our exploration of the quaint little town, we caught sight of a wishing cart...
There were easily hundreds of bamboo tubes

and understandably so as people wrote their well wishes on the tubes. 

We stopped for lunch at this eatery tucked away at the end of the lane. Quiet it was but the food there was delicious and definitely filling. It didn't help that the eatery was sitting next to the rail way tracks and while waiting for our lunch to be served, 

C didn't see this coming and no wonder she was screaming her lungs out.

Lots of pictures as we loved the surroundings. 

Aunt Ven enjoying her hot and delicious milk tea. (love this picture a lot!)

We did a little walking around... Lovers' Bridge.

..... :)

posing for pictures just before the train left the station. Bye, we headed to Shi Fen after this.

We were here for this: to write our dreams and aspirations on these enormous lanterns and release them to the winds...

We were on the train tracks and each time a train went by, all of us had to literally jump off the tracks. 

May all our wishes come true! :)

Wet, wet, wet but we walked around a little despite the rain. This is a suspended bridge and rather famous too. We didn't venture far because it was just too cold so we sat ourselves down for afternoon tea.

Did some sight seeing....

7 in the evening... quiet and waiting for the train back to the city. 

It had been a wonderful day even though the rain did not let up; objectives were met and that was most important. :)

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Lionel n Rachel said...

Ahem! It sure took u quite awhile to post part 3 of your vacation... waited till the flowers in my pots wilted...kidding :P

Shifen was part of my itinerary planned as well.. *sign* if only we were going to Taiwan too...

Let me guess- your next post wld be Danshui / Bei Tou Hot Spring (Taipei) or one of the farm resorts like Flying Cow Ranch or Qing Jing Farm or even Leofoo Village? Am i even close? Haha.

Mummy N said...

Hahahahaha sorry, busy at work mah. Plus e Move to my new place.
Yes, went to danshui and Beitou too. And we went to yingge and the window on china.

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