Lifesaving Course Stage 1

C and Brion took their Lifesaving Course Stage 1 just before the start of the school holidays.

Lifesaving 1
  • Build up your water confidence.
  • Basic water skills like floating, submerging, breathing techniques, Reaching Rescue, Buoyant Aid Rescue, and Wade Rescue.
  • Swim a basic stroke, eg. Freestyle or Breaststroke. You’ll be able to comfortably swim 100 meters to pass the exam.

They were able to execute the skills needed with much confidence. Initially we thought that the tasks they had to perform were very much similar to the Water Safe Bronze and Silver awards but upon further inspection, we realised that the emphasis here was definitely more on being able to perform life saving skills.

They easily cleared the Stage. :) Well, we will be looking forward to them clearing Stage 2 soon. 

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