to round off Primary 1 (2012)

Daddy and I waited anxiously for C's results. We knew that she didn't have to take any examinations this year so her report should not be the conventional one which reflected her marks but we hadn't a clue how it would look like.

Finally, I saw that she returned with her report book this afternoon.

She was given a grade for each subject and then each subject is further broken down into the major components relevant to each subject. C did well for Math, English, Chinese and her other subjects like Art, Music and Social Education.

Then in another file which had all her certificates she had obtained for this year, we saw this! She had scored Distinction for her music literacy test.

Daddy and I are very proud of her and her achievements for this year. She has adapted well and enjoyed her first year of formal education. When Daddy learned of her results, he told me that he owed her a new toy (we had promised to reward her when she did well.) So, it was a great way to round off 2012. :)

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ada said...

So fast primary one is over!

Lionel n Rachel said...

Wow, Congrats Cheryl. Well Done!

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