Better than good! :)

It's been several days since C's been with the Student Care. 

So how is she doing?

Well, let's just say, it got better every day. :) Daddy and I were pretty jittery the first day. He said it was a mad job trying to get her and himself ready in the morning and leave by 8am. In the evening, C was telling us about what she did during the day and who she met at the Centre. Apparently, she has 2 school mates there and they recognised her immediately. 

She loved the meals (lunches) she ate there and even had second helpings. (We were delighted to hear so because she is usually picky with the food she eats) After I picked her up from the bus stop in the evening, I noticed that she had with her the carrier which we had handed over to the Centre. C then told us that she had insisted on taking the carrier to school (with her towels, clothes and toiletries) because "Mummy needs to wash them." It was then we reminded her that it was alright to leave her things there as Daddy would pick them up from the Centre the next day.

In her carrier: her change of uniforms, body shampoo, towel, rubber bands for hair and a comb.

How much does she enjoy being there? "Can I still go there after this week is up?" That was her question to us last night. We figured she enjoys the company there and work gets done before she goes to school. I usually will prepare some work: revision for Spelling, Ting Xie, amongst others, for her to do and the best part, they are completed. We asked if she misses her television programmes and she nodded but she quickly replied that it didn't matter as she "has things to do and friends to play with." However, she does seem a little tired out and will hit the sack once her head touches her pillow in the evenings. 


Fanny Lim said...

May i know which student care she goes? Is it expensive?

Mummy N said...

Hello Fanny
My girl goes to Little Professors (Paya Lebar) This is a temporary arrangement and because we were able to give the specific dates to the Centre, they worked out a pro-rated package ($30 per day) for us.

Of course it is more sense to have it as a long term arrangement because the cost per day is lower. It's something we are considering doing too.

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