Kampong Days - Josiah's June 2012 Holiday Programme

Cheryl has always enjoyed Josiah's holiday programmes and she asked me if she could attend this year. I know that Josiah still accepted children up to ages 9 so we didn't hesitate in signing her up.

Cheryl learned how to make many traditional cakes and food. This was epok epok and kueh pisang. She liked the epok epok a lot but saved 2 for Daddy and me. 

Nasi lemak and onde onde were some other food she came back with. She commented that cooking nasi lemak was an easy task because she followed instructions and had a recipe to follow. 

Cheryl loved the dessert, bubur chacha. She particularly enjoyed cutting up the ingredients. However, she didn't like the yam. "I like getting my hands dirty!" C said. Looks like she will enjoy cooking in the future. 

C making huat kueh! 

Cheryl loved to play Congkak with her friends. This set of congkak is rather modern looking. A more authentic looking congkak would look like this and it's usually played with marbles.

She also played other traditional games like hopscotch and chapteh.

Cheryl made her five-stones and learned to play them too! She was also introduced to yet another traditional game, chapteh.

The children made and painted their own kite which they flew when they went out on an excursion. C's kite!

Some other craft that C made: a fabric bowl.

and decorated a jar with spices. 

C made and painted her own kampong house as well. 

Josiah took the children out to the last surviving kampong in Singapore and it was really an experience of a kind. C commented that the houses were different and that there were no tall buildings. There was also a lot of space for them to run around too. 

It was a fun-filled week of activities and like the past, C had a joyful time with her teachers and friends. When the programme came to an end on Friday, C said that she would like to sign up for the year end programme. :) 


Fatboy Joe said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Is the location of the kampong at Lorong Buangkok?

Mummy N said...

I think it is as the houses look familiar.

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