C's recital 2012

Though this wasn't the first time she had been on stage performing, this was definitely the most nerve-wreaking experience. Her previous piano recital experiences were on a much smaller scale compared to this recital at Braddell Community Centre and of course, the pieces she played were also not as complicated (according to her).

Moments before the concert started. C posed for pictures and to kind of calm her nerves.

With her friend, Jodie. :)

Our Precious, on stage and playing her pieces.

She was extremely nervous and even told us that the piano is "different" from the one we have at home and the one in school. Well, to be playing to a crowd of close to 100 people would definitely be a quite an experience.

All the children had flowers and their certificates presented to them. 

Precious with her teacher, Ms Sophia. Teacher Sophia is truly a patient lady. She has been teaching C for 3 years now. :)


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