Getting ready

This came in the mail today.

The letter informed us of the class that Precious has been posted to. In it, there were other information like the purchase of books and uniforms and of course a reminder that the Orientation will take place on 19 November.

C was excited as she scanned through the letter.

How time flies? Our Precious will be embarking on another chapter of her life. :)


Lionel n Rachel said...

Hey Mummy N, will you be purchasing
all the books at one shot or only buy those 1A ones first... to get
1B only before the 2nd half of the yr?

Mummy N said...

hey dear
I will likely get all of the books at the same time and get them delivered too.

you thinking of only getting the books needed for Sem 1?

Lionel n Rachel said...

cos DH felt that those books for
2nd semester will be collecting dust if we were to buy all at the same time.

Mummy N said...

I see.

I have a habit of getting books for the entire year and then wrapping them up. hahaha...

if you are going to get the books for sem 2 later, it will be a better choice to purchase the books yourself at Popular or at their book shop.

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