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Out it came!

Written By Mummy N on 26 September 2011 | 7:53:00 pm

2 weeks back, we paid Dr Kong a visit and when I mentioned to her our concern that her adult tooth was cutting through, her advice to us was to return when it happened. C mentioned over the weekend that she felt a slight pain and upon inspection, we saw that it had indeed erupted so I made an appointment to go down this afternoon.

Her tooth sprouting behind her milk teeth. I was worried that we had to remove 2 teeth to accommodate this one.

Dr examining C and then applied some numbing gel on her gums.

She gave C's gums a good massage before she started. C did not show any fear or fidget as Dr had instructed her to keep her eyes close. She then slowly injected her gums.

All the time, Dr was talking to C and she was extremely calm.

Then, she proceeded to extract her tooth. C commented that she felt a slight pain but Dr assured her that it would be over in a second. So with a little twitching and twisting, the milk tooth was out.

I had a great fright when I saw it while Dr nodded her head and said it was no wonder her tooth wasn't shaky. The entire root was intact and she said that C had good teeth! Haha! If we would to let nature runs its course, this tooth would take a good 6 to 12 months before it would fall off. 

Dr cleaning C up.

C's tooth was placed in this cute "tooth coffin" and she was saying that now she has a hole in her teeth. C was alright except when the gauze soaked through and droplets of saliva and blood dripped on her dress, staining it. But I gave her a big hug and praised her for her bravery.

The very cute tooth coffin, which C wore as a bracelet.

I bought her this to keep all her milk teeth.

:) C said she would be waiting for the Tooth Fairy to make her maiden visit tonight.


San said...

Wow! A tooth album? First I heard of it. My boy's almost 4, so this is a cool thing to do for him too! Haha! Where did you get it?

Mummy N said...

Good morning! :)

I bought it online from: 2 little Sprouts.

their website here:

there are 2 types; the tin album and an organizer. I bought the tin one.

Fatboy Joe said...

I'm soooo tempted to post a picture of my wisdom tooth in a brand's essence of chicken bottle filled with vodka ... ke ke ke ...

byihui said...

Hi n, can u provide me e contact for this dentist. Urgently lookg for one gd wif kids for my fren :) tks! Email me byihui@yahoo.com

byihui said...

Hi, saw yr earlier entry n passed contact to my fren. Amazed at e tooth fairy album. Hw come u always hav such lobangs har?

Mummy N said...

The dentists there are very friendly and they handle kids superbly. C doesnt have fear of going to the dentist and in fact looks forward to her regular 6- month check-ups.

It was an excellent choice to go to them. :)

The album? Hee cuz I want to keep memorabilia..

Mummy N said...

Hahaha am sure tt c would love to see it.

about LeEcHoO said...

thanks for sharing the link!
i'm going to get one for my kids to!