a bit late...

Aunt Di and Uncle Ben bought C this from the States last year and we never got around to actually building this house until this afternoon.

After lunch, C pestered Daddy and he started unpacking the box. C was thrilled that she was finally going to put the gingerbread house together.

We put up the candy while Daddy laced the house with icing. It turned out to be quite a beauty!


Christopher said...

It's early XMAS!

sometime in Mid August. haha!

Fatboy Joe said...

Just looking at it makes me wanna bite in!

Linus Siaw said...

Can it be eaten?

Mummy said...

Daddy Chris:
that's a good one! Subaru already advertised Christmas package so I guess we aren't that early too.

Uncle Joel and Uncle Linus:
it's gingerbread so definitely can be eaten BUT because we didn't put the package in the fridge to preserve its freshness... you get the idea. hahahaha

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