food art!

This gives new meaning to "playing with your food"! 

Aunt Ellena, a friend on Facebook, decided to have a session of pizza and bento making and I jumped at the chance because I had always wanted to learn to make bento. I asked Cheryl if she wanted to join the session as she had so badly wanted to make pizza last week and she agreed.

So this morning, we trooped down to Aunt Ellena's place.

tools of the trade and of course, the ingredients needed.

The session began with Aunt Ellena giving instructions to the children.

C had tried her hands on normal pizza making before but this was something new as she got to design the pizza.

C's pizza before it was popped into the oven.

The pizza sure looked delicious.

Then it was bento making time.
For bento making, it is important that different kinds of food are included. There must be meat, rice and vegetables and lastly fruits. But this time round, we left the fruits out.

Since it was an "Angry Bird" theme that C was making, the rice had to be coloured red and she did it with tomato sauce. Alternatively, you can fry the tomato rice but since the children was doing it, adding ketchup was definitely easier to manage.

The rice was moulded into balls and then pressed together to form the body of Mr Angry Bird.

Then it was setting up the rest of the bento. 

Mr Angry Bird was taking shape here.

And there you have it! 

It is definitely not an easy task making it. There was a lot of details to pay attention to and many procedures and tools or rather ingredients needed. But C had a lot of fun making this bento and she was happy with her efforts. 

This bento was her lunch! :)


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