Moonies and lantern!

Last Thursday, I received a mailer about some activities held at Downtown East during this one week break in September and I thought that C would enjoy making lantern and moon cakes. Hence I quickly emailed the person-in-charge and asked for details regarding registration.

Then last evening, I received a call which informed me that C's registration had gone through. :)

So this morning, she got up bright and early and we headed down to the venue.

At 10 am, she was all ready to begin her activity.

The materials she needed to make the lantern.

Then I left her to hide somewhere to finish up my marking. When I returned some time past noon, she had already completed her lantern and even had lunch.

C with her lantern here.

These were just some others created by her friends.

It was break time for them too and I managed to capture a shot of some of the children involved in the camp. These girls were older than Precious but they took her in and they were happily chatting and playing away.

Then around 2 in the afternoon, they returned for their moon cake making session.

The children were taught to make the snow skin from scratch and they had a whale of a time mixing and stirring.

Then a little colour was added to the snow skin to give it that peachy glow and the children got down to making their moonies.

C was pretty serious as she did her moon cakes. She was able to follow instructions though the dough was initially a little difficult to handle. After the first moon cake, she got the hang of it and was able to complete all five moon cakes.

She was extremely pleased with herself. :)

To end it off, there was ice cream for dessert and...

time for reflection. C and her mates penned down their thoughts of the event and they were glad that they had made new friends.

A certificate to remember the occasion. :)

Precious was beat when she got back. On the bus ride home, she fell asleep momentarily and had to be awaken as we arrived at our stop. No wonder as she had been running around in the indoor playground. But she smiled when she recollected how meaningful the session was and the new things she had learnt.


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