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Cheryl's weekly homework included English, Mathematics, Spelling and Ting Xie.

Besides this, Ms Novelle writes me an update of what has happened in class and gives an account of what has been taught. In addition, C's progress is also noted. I learned that C is now doing Adverbs.

Then I saw the homework that she had to complete this week. I was surprised that at her level, she has been taught to identify Adverbs of Place, Time and Manner. Well, surprised because I teach these to pupils in secondary school, that's why. Hahaha! But if children can manage, then why not? Age should not be a barrier for learning. :)

Mathematics is also more complex now as she has to figure out the answer now that word problems are asked. 

As for Mandarin, she has been taught different occupations. There is also exposure to hanyu ping ying and I must say, she is doing well. C doesn't have much of a problem blending the sounds for these sounds in Mandarin.


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