Drive North - Day 2

Breakfast was settled at the hotel and immediately after, we ventured out for some sight-seeing.

Our first stop was a strawberry farm. Unfortunately, it wasn't the season for strawberries picking hence we missed our chance of having our hands on the strawberries but we did manage to snap some shots.

C took a picture of Daddy. She would be getting her own camera soon and she would be able to take many more pictures herself. :)

We went to the Butterfly Farm after that where we took more pictures!
The children loved the butterflies and they were amazed that the butterflies would sit on their hair and clothes for some close shots.C was more keen on the flowers apparently.

Next, we went to a Rose Garden where we saw many roses and other kinds of exotic flowers.
That's us standing among "ladies shoes". Lovely name it has!

We wanted C to be in the picture to complete the shot and she had to come up with a funny face. Ha ha!

That was more like it. :)

After the visit to the Rose Garden, we stopped briefly at the market and grabbed ourselves some fruit. Daddy was eating this hybrid fruit of guava and apple. Interesting and it was very juicy too.

No pictures of the market as my hands were full: with sweet potato. haha

It was close to 2 pm when we went back for lunch of South Indian food.

We retreated to the hotel for a rest and then it started pouring. Our plans were temporarily halted but we kept ourselves occupied...

The children had a wild time playing the game while the Daddies...
played a game of Mahjong.

The games were quickly abandoned when the rain stopped and we went out to Ye Olde Smoke House for some pictures.
 Our friends loved the place and they commented that they felt as if they were transported to some country side in England. :) The cool weather sure helped.

It was 7 pm by the time we were done with the photo taking and we proceeded for dinner.

 Steamboat dinner to beat the cold and wet weather. We ate so much and were stuffed. Then it was back to the hotel for another night...


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.