Drive North - Day 1

Since our last trip to Kota Tinggi as a group, there has been talk to do another one and many ideas came up. However, we did not really make any concrete plans until May where we decided that it would be Cameron Highlands and Malacca.

We began our journey at 4 am in the morning and headed out to Malaysia. The journey was smooth and traffic was good too. Driving in the dead of the night also meant that we could spend more time on the road while the children slept.

Our first pit stop was for breakfast and by then, the children were up and excited.
Uncle Steve, Uncle Alson with Daddy. Uncle Junming was probably tending to the children...or in the loos.

The mummies had to take a picture of ourselves too!

Then we continued our drive up. We used the Tapah route because Daddy and I felt that there would be more things to see and experience along the way. The windy roads proved to be a little too much for some of our passengers and they ended up vomiting and suffering from motion sickness.

We made a stop at the waterfalls. For our friends, this was their first time traveling up the windy roads.
Well, the children had fun playing in the icy cold waters.

 Uncle Gary with Adrina

The Aws

Group picture! There were a total of 20!

We had lunch at Tanah Rata, just before we checked into our hotel, which was like a 2 minute drive away.

This was where we spent 2 nights. The room was spacious and nice and C loved the bath. She checked out the toilet immediately after we got into the room.

I took the girls down for some picture taking so that Daddy could catch his 40 winks. It had been a long drive for him and the rest and a power nap was very much needed.

Then the children invaded the park and playground nearby.

It was great to see them having fun and laughing so hard.

The Mummies looked refreshed too! :)

We were wondering where to go for dinner that wasn't that costly and yet delicious at the same time and I thought we could visit Grand Uncle at the same time. Hence, we drove all the way to Kampong Raja. Grand Uncle was busy, as usual, but he was terribly generous and sweet to make some time for us. 

Dinner was at his pal's, Ah Ngeow's eatery which served absolutely mouth watering food.
Some tea to warm us up first...
The servings were generous and the children tucked into the hor fun like hungry wolves. Every one agreed that dinner was a better treat than lunch and it wasn't as expensive too. 

Just to show you how good the food was: how about snapping a picture of these completely-cleaned-out plates?

We retired for the night after dinner... much awaits us the next day.


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.