Drive North - Day 3

This was our last day on Cameron Highlands before we headed for Malacca and this morning, we went to the tea plantation.

It was a nice walk up to the factory because we had to walk through some tea bushes and we were excited to be able to be so close to them. 
Daddy obviously having a whale of a time...

Cheryl with Adrina

Once we reached the place, we were greeted with many signs about the history of Boh Tea. The information was very educational indeed because we learned how tea was cultivated and how it has evolved.

That's us, clowning around.

The place was very nicely done up. 

These were some of the tools which were used for the picking and process of tea leaves.

Then we went into the factory to see the workers hard at work...

and learned about how tea is processed.

The children left their names behind on the guest book.

Then, we went to sit ourselves down for some tea and scones. :)

The scones were heavenly and to be able to wash them down with freshly brewed tea was definitely a treat. :)
C, clearly enjoying her cuppa as well.

Of course, the view was a sight to behold because it was just a carpet of green.
Nope, we couldn't resist and had to have our pictures taken.

Then we bade the tea plantation good bye and headed out to Gunung Berinchang, which is the highest paved road on Cameron Highlands.

The view from the top of the watch tower... it was clear skies and within seconds,

we were engulfed in the clouds.

After this, we headed down the mountains. The Daddies drove at breakneck speeds as if they were F1 drivers and they later commented that they had a lot of fun doing so while some of the passengers were having a terrible time on board. 
By the time we reached Malacca, it was already evening and after a quick dinner, we checked into Holiday Inn Hotel.
C had some pictures taken and we retired for the night.


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.